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We are happy that you visited our blog for binary options. Our key objective is to issue our blog readers with reviews that are most dependable and truthful, regarding services for binary options sector such as auto traders, brokers and signals services. Additionally, we shall reveal each scam service whose objective is to take away your cash using an elegant video presentation that promises instant riches or even with false testimonials originating from hired actors of $5. All this is aimed at fleecing your account immediately you deposit.  You are very free to go to our blacklist page so as to become updated with the newest scam services in our sector. Also, we will offer you an inventory of our trusted brokers that have passed our extremely complicated tests successfully. You can study more regarding this in our review for what is the BEST Broker to trade with?  This deals with the way to select a broker. In addition, we are going to review a catalog of reliable signals services in the industry of binary options and brilliant testimonials throughout the internet.

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Avoid being content with services that are inferior as a reward for your investment. Therefore, so as to ensure you acquire the most ideal trader for binary options available, join our blog as well as Facebook group, Google+ and YouTube channel to make sure you are protected and among skilled traders who are linked to news about the sector. We possess wide experience in binary options trading, so, we certainly support any endeavor to get knowledge on the way to trade with your personal awareness and skills so as to turn into an expert trader.

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Maintain our advice and remain on the industry’s secure side. Conduct trade with a reputable broker. Make use of a reliable signals service. Join our blog posts and Facebook group, Google+ as well as YouTube channel and remain protected. Keep in mind that the sector of binary options is huge and packed with services. Some are dependable and some are not and we have a lot of services which emerge each day and it is nearly impracticable for us to identify each of them. So, we require your assistance by indicating the ones you believe may be fake. Kindly do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our Facebook group or through the email GodFather@gmail.com. Additionally, put down remarks and share the blog posts we have, so as to stop the running of fake firms and services of the business of binary options. The only thing we can do now is to pray you have a lot of prosperity in your online trade and many ITM’s.

Binary Options Industry Rules ! 

CySEC is one of the licensing bodies in the European Union based in Cyprus. The CySEC license is accepted in all the varying counties in the EU umbrella. Some of the renowned binary option brokers in the EU include TradeThunder which is CySEC regulated, AnyOptions which is CySEC regulated but FCA registered and ETX Capital which is licensed and authorized by FCA. The scam brokers also advertise that they have the necessary licenses and are regulated but the trader has the duty to ascertain the information and if the broker’s license is still valid. Different countries in the EU have published links that allow the traders to view all the licensed brokers and therefore the rest of the responsibility lies with the traders.

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